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How to address the dress!

Every bride needs a dress, it’s a vital part of the day whether it’s a shin length 40’s style dress, long and flowing lacy number, a voluminous skirted dress or a pretty little shift dress…….. Whatever the style, colour or length, there will always be a dress.

You dream about what it will look like, what style will suit you, which shade of white/cream/ivory will compliment your skin tone and then you find it……. The dress that was made for you, fits like a glove, makes you feel like a princess and you want to wear it forever. Then you spend months thinking about it, excited about wearing it, wondering if it will be too snug or too loose at the next fitting and worrying about which one of your friends will be in charge of squeezing you into it and helping to arrange it perfectly every time you have a photo taken or need a trip to the loo.

Then the day comes, the dress gets unveiled out of its bag like a butterfly from its cocoon and you battle to hoist it on over your hair and makeup and do the big reveal to your bridesmaids and your dad (where hopefully someone cries otherwise you’ll morph into bridezilla). You glide up the aisle to your husband-to-be, say your vows, pose for thousands of photos, eat too much, force your chosen bridesmaid to loosen the dress, drink too much, dance until your feet hurt and then collapse into a married heap at the end of the night. The next day the dress gets hung back on the hanger and zipped back up into its sleeping bag to hibernate for the foreseeable future. After all the thought and preparation that goes into finding your perfect dress you then abandon it and hoard it away in the loft or the spare room to come out on occasions to see if you can still fit in it! If you’re the kind of person that wants to keep it for memories and/or future children and you have the space then why not? But if you’re looking to free up space and are quite happy with just having the photos to look back on then why not consider some of the many options below so that your dress may have a new lease of life.


Weddings can be expensive and the dress is no exception. There are brides-to-be out there who would love your second-hand dress. You obviously won’t get what you paid for it but you could put it towards something for your future together. There are plenty of websites out there now which allow you to advertise your pre-loved dress so it can live another day.


There are so many amazing charities and organisations out there which are accepting wedding dress donations to create amazing things so your dress could be out there helping someone in a lovely way. – they organise and fund weddings for people with terminal illnesses. – This is a non profit organisation who rely on donations and volunteers and do not charge, they supply hospitals and families with beautiful dress packs for precious Angel Babies.

Trash the dress……..

There are many different options for this but the idea is to wear your wedding dress somewhere and enjoy it whilst a photographer takes some amazing photos. It could be on a beach, in the snow, in a field, in a leafy woodland, doing a bungee jump or a zip wire etc.

You just need to find a photographer which suits you and your style and ask them to customise a package for you.

Create a keepsake………

You can have many things made out of your dress. A Christmas tree skirt, a keepsake bear, a christening gown or an original item of jewellery where they incorporate the lace.

Whatever future you choose for your dress, let it be one that’s right for you.[/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” pinterest=”true” class=”thegreen”][image src=”12249″]