About The Green

It’s all about the details! We’ve included lots of info about how to find us and what to expect when you get here. We hope it is helpful. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

This image shows the rear of a Riley Elf car. It is a close-up shot of the back of the car and there is a saying in white writing on the rear window saying just married. Riley elf is blue in colour and the registration number is VXF712G.


We are located in rural Cornwall, on the edge of Bodmin Moor and not far from the Devon border. We are ideally located between the North and South coast with easy access from the A30 and A38.

This image shows a wall-mounted traditional, metal, post-office postbox. It is red in colour with gold lettering. At the top it says "post office" and under the posting slot it says "E R". Between the E and the R there is a crown motif and a number 2. The postbox is mounted on a wooden wall.


Keep up to date with what is happening at The Green by following our blog. Lots of our couples are kind enough to allow us to post their pictures too so be inspired!

This image shows the sign at the entrance to The Green. The sign is in the middle of the photograph. The sign is square and is lime green in colour. There is a pale dandelion clock motif in the background. There are the words in "The Green House and Cottages" written in white font. The word "Cornwall" is written in black font. This sign is mounted on two wooden posts. The ground around the sign is grass. And there are many trees and shrubs in the background.


We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions so if you have a query you should find the answer here. If not don’t hesitate to get in touch.

This is an image of the old Duchy of Cornwall farm sign. This sign is made of cast iron which is painted black. The words "Netherton Farm" are spelled-out in capitals in gold lettering. Above the writing is the coat of arms of the Duchy of Cornwall. This is a shield in gold with five rows of dots, one under the other. The first row has five dots, the next row has four dots, the next row has three dots, the next row has two dots and the final row has one dot. The whole of the sign is mounted on 4 wooden boards. The wooden boards are attached to a Cornish granite, cob wall which is brown and gray in colour. This wall forms part of a building and at the top section of the photo part of the roof and guttering can be seen. The roof is made of grey slate. And the guttering is black.


The Green at Netherton was a dairy farm for generations. It is also the original home of Cornish Yarg (yes nettles do grow well in these parts!)

This image shows a member of the Green team staff holding an umbrella over a bride's head as she makes her way towards her ceremony. The picture is taken in front of the farmhouse. There is a bush on either side of the image framing shot. You can see the corner of the house in the background. The farmhouse is white and has Georgian style windows. The member of staff is on the left and she's wearing a blue duffle coat with the hood up as it is raining. She is holding a white umbrella above the bride's head. Both of them are smiling. The bride has dark blond hair that she is wearing loose. She is wearing a short sleeved white gown and a veil. The dress is long and layered and she is holding it up so she can walk. In the background, walking you can see two ladies who are part of the bridal party.

The Green Team

Our clients tell us that above everything else it is our Team that makes their celebrations relaxed and seamless.

This is an image of a chef plating up some food. You can see the chef from the waist up but his head is cropped. He is wearing chef's white and a blue and white striped apron. He has a check tea towel over his right wrist which is holding a hot dish. Behind him you can see shaker-style, cream kitchen units in cream with oak worktops. The plates in front of him are on a granite worktop. There are six white plates with food on them.


If you are an experienced wedding professional looking for a new challenge then please see our careers page for more information.