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[image src=”17027″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]Here at The Green we have lots of micro weddings. The smallest of our weddings is attended by the couple only. The more traditional term for this type of wedding is an elopement which means “to leave secretly to be married”. Elopements are as romantic now as they have ever been.


“Just the two of you weddings” are popular for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes couples chose a micro wedding for financial considerations. With the average cost of a big wedding said to be £21,000 who can blame them? It is quite common for couples who elope to The Green to tell us that they are saving for a house and therefore they have chosen to keep it simple with the wedding.


Micro weddings are also popular with couples who have a young family and may not have the time or energy to plan a big day. Rather than putting it off indefinitely, new parents may just decide to go for it and elope. Other times, family pressure is the reason why couples chose to have a runaway wedding. There may be family pressure to have a religious ceremony or there may be expectations that all 32 of your cousins will get an invite! If your parents have divorced acrimoniously then you may feel that you just can’t handle the stress of getting everyone together for the big day and a micro wedding may be the perfect option for you.


We also meet couples who feel very uncomfortable being the centre of attention and the thought of a big wedding may be the stuff that gives you nightmares. An elopement means you can both be at ease on the day and really enjoy it. If it is a second time around wedding couples may want something different but still special. Some of our couples who chose a run away wedding will tell their family and friends their plans before they leave home but just as often they don’t. Some of our elopement couples will throw a big party at a later date.


Whatever your reasons for choosing a “just the two of you wedding”, elopements at The Green are very emotional, romantic and personal.  Couples normally run away to Cornwall for 2 nights staying in one of our luxury cottages with the wedding on the second day. We can organise all the details for you if you would like us to from the photographer to witnesses to breakfast the next day. You just need to bring the dress! We can also arrange for a chef to cook you a special meal afterwards or you can go to the pub… it’s your choice.


Your ceremony can be held in your cottage, in our stunning wedding barn or outside at our Lake Arbour (if the weather is kind). We would never have 2 wedding on the same day so the location is up to you. We can be your witnesses and we’ll try not to get too emotional! The grounds are spectacular and the beautiful Cornish countryside is the perfect backdrop for photos.


There are some legalities that you need to organise in advance. You must book in with the registrar in Cornwall but this can be done by phone and the face to face bit can be done at your local office so there is no need to visit us before the big day unless you would like to.


If you are looking for somewhere to elope to in the UK and would like some more information on our elopement package please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.[/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”]