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When we ask our couples after their wedding what they will remember most about their Big Day they almost always tell us that they will never forget the overwhelming love and support that receive from their friends and family. This really is what makes a wedding special. Friends and family make a huge effort to attend, to dress up, to bring gifts and generally make the day unforgettable. All the little details that couples worry about before the wedding seem insignificant in the love that will surround them on the day. This is why our couples enjoy having 2 whole days to make the most of having all their loved ones together in one place for a such a happy event.


Having a 2 day wedding allows couples to spend time with all their nearest and dearest. Ask any bride and groom and they will tell you that the wedding day goes by fast, in the blink of an eye. Having time with everyone on the day before and the day after as well as on the wedding day itself allows you to connect properly with everyone. Having the ceremony, reception and accommodation all in one place really does make the day stress free and your guests do not have to worry about getting from their hotel, to the ceremony to the reception venue.


Friends and family may be travelling from all over the world to attend your wedding and having a couple of days together allows travelling guests to settle in and relax and can makes an expensive trip even more worthwhile.  With everything in the same place guests can unpack their bags and settle in.


At the Green in Cornwall our couples usually book the venue for 2 days either at the weekend or during the week. The ceremony, reception and accommodation are all in one place. The grounds are extensive and there is a pub in walking distance. There is 5 star accommodation for 32 guests with other local accommodation close by. We are centrally located between the A30 and A38 and we are close to Liskeard which is on the main train line from Paddington. We are located right on the edge of Bodmin Moor, an AONB, with stunning scenery and walks.


With so much going on even 2 days won’t quite be enough!


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