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Ok so Cornwall is gorgeous the views the landscape its all gorgeous, and our 14 acres are no exception. So you see when staying at the Green Cornwall you don’t have to go out to enjoy your holiday…..

Yesterday I spent the morning walking around our grounds looking out for the flowers starting to shoot and birds up in the trees. We walked a long the front lawn to the woodland walk to the viewing point. It was such a lovely day with the field next to us starting to fill up with baby lambs and a gorgeous view of the local village Rilla Mill. Sat on the benches watching the clouds pass by looking in to the distance of Kit Hill. The viewing point is as the children pointed out the perfect place to have a picnic and something our guests have said they love to do. From the viewing point we walked back to the woodland walk and followed the path down to the lake. Here we saw the wild ducks, we then walked over to the stream running along the edge of our propriety.
We then walked up the field to the orchard and play area, complete with Toddler swing.
So why not take a look at our website to book your holiday and take advantage of our 14 acres like I did yesterday.  We have cottages available for Summer 2014