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Looking for dog friendly wedding venues?

Are you thinking about including your furry friend in your wedding? Well, you are not alone, Since the COVID-19 pandemic, dog ownership in the UK has soared, with a 40% increase leading to 13.5 million dogs and 36% of households now owning a dog. Dogs have become beloved family members, so it’s no surprise that couples want their furry friends to be a part of their special day.

We’ve always been a dog friendly wedding venue but we have noticed that more and more couples like to have their dogs be part of their wedding day. There are a few things to think about in advance and don’t forget to reach out if we can help.

When planning your wedding at The Green Cornwall, consider how your dog will be involved. Whether they’re walking down the aisle as a ring bearer or simply present for photos, their participation can make your day even more memorable. However, remember to think through the logistics and help you might need. Does your dog enjoy being around people, or might they feel overwhelmed by the crowd and festivities?

It’s not only humans who have to plan their wedding guest outfits and dog wedding outfits and accessories are now widely available, ensuring your pet looks their best. From adorable bow ties to elegant dog wedding dresses, there are plenty of options for dog wedding attire to suit your wedding theme.

The level of involvement for dogs at weddings varies. Some couples opt for their dog to be actively involved in the ceremony, while others prefer a dog nanny service to look after their pet post-ceremony and photos. This ensures your dog is well-cared for without adding extra stress to your day.

As The Green Cornwall is a rural venue surrounded by livestock and wildlife, please take necessary precautions. Note also that the registrar performing the ceremony will likely prefer the dog tube on a lead.

For wedding guests, please remember to check with the couple before bringing your dog, as not all couples want dogs at their wedding. If dogs are welcome and your staying in our on-site wedding accommodation then please inform the couple so they can arrange dog-friendly cottage for you. We keep cottages 3 and 4 pet-free to accommodate guests with allergies.

If you need assistance, we can recommend nearby kennels or even a dog wedding chaperone to ensure your pet is comfortable during the festivities and that you can also relax without too many doggy responsibilities. Enjoy your day knowing your furry friend is part of the celebration!


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