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[text_output]We have a many of couples who live abroad booking to marry here at The Green, particularly from Australia. It both amazes and flatters us greatly that people would travel that far to get married here. Most of the time, the couple have family still located in the UK and Cornwall is their ideal place…. why wouldn’t it be with its rolling hills and coastal walks and mild climate.

More and more people will book a wedding without seeing their venue initially and sometimes not even until the special day! With things like skype it is easy to keep on top of the planning process and family members are usually on hand to have a look at the wedding venue and gather information and taste the food!

One thing that does need to be taken into account is that the law is changed on March 2nd 2015 and you now have to give notice of your marriage at least 28 days prior to the wedding and you have to be staying in the district where you are giving notice for 7 nights before you do so. The wedding then has to take place within a year of the notice being given.

Notice of marriage can be given at your local UK registry office, it does not have to be given at the registry office where you plan to get married. So if your family are in Nottingham then you can give your notice to marry at the registry office in Nottingham even if you plan to marry in Cornwall.

So in summary for couples traveling back to the UK to get married this means that you will either have to arrange to a long trip home for the wedding (28 plus the time for and after the wedding) or you will have to made an advance trip, within a year of the big day, for at least 7 days to give your notice to marry.

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