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[text_output]Exploring Cornwall by car is a fantastic experience. There really is no better way to get about this beautiful county. Cornwall is one of only 9 counties that does not have any motorways (the others are City of London, Isle of Wight, Rutland, Norfolk, Dorset, Northumberland, Suffolk, and East Sussex). Cornwall has 3 major road arteries running from the A30, the A38 and the A39.


Most of the driving you will do in Cornwall will be on B roads and lanes.


Cornwall has many lanes. These are unnamed, unnumbered roads and typically they are the width of one car. These lanes tend to have high hedges of stone and turf structure on either side. These hedges are actually mini ecosystems and are certain times of the year they are left uncut to protect wildlife. This can from romantic green tunnels.


As most of our lanes are only wide enough for one car if you meet something coming the other way one of you will have to reverse to the nearest passing place. If you meet a tractor and trailer (which is quite likely) then you will be expected to give way by backing up to the next passing space or gateway. The secret to this is not to rush and go easy with the steering. Also remember that locals understand that you may not be an expert like them so take your time!


When driving in Cornwall it is quite important not to solely rely on your Satnav. Whilst Satnav can often take you to exactly where you want to be it can be problematic if you take a wrong turning. Satnavs will often recalculate your route and will treat the unnamed lanes as any other road and you can soon find yourself in a maze of these. The high hedges can make this feel disorientating.


We would always recommend that you print out some directions and have a road atlas to hand. Then if you get lost you can follow signs to the nearest village and start again from there.[/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”][image type=”none” float=”none” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”7990″]