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Essential Guide To Crabbing In Looe

Crabbing in fun for all the family and its surprising how the time flies when you’re having fun!

Here are my top tips for getting the most out of your crabbing experience:

1. Pick an area near a wall – either on the quay or on the edge of the rocks, Crabs like to hide among rocks and under rocks too. Being close to a wall means you can entice them out of their hiding places.
2. Be prepared to make sure you have your bucket, Crab line and net ready. I suggest having a crab line with a net to hold bait and a net to catch the crab with before it goes into the bucket.
3. Use bait. It’s very important. Some people use bacon or the little bags of bait you can buy with your crab line. I recommend frozen bait a lot of shops have it frozen and it lasts longer because it doesn’t get broken up as badly. Frozen mackerel is my top tip!
4. Be comfortable and safe crabbing is great fun but you’re not always going to catch 100s of crabs so make yourself comfortable and be safe do NOT lean over the water! It’s asking for trouble.
5. Put the crabs back. Its fine to keep them in a bucket with salt water in whilst you are crabbing but you need to put them back you can’t take you can’t take them home and eat them because they are not big enough. The need to be at least a few pounds before you can eat them.
6. Don’t keep your crab line. They are not expensive and it’s easier to get a new one than get the old bait out and stop the line from smelling. You can reuse your net and bucket but throw your crab line away at the end of the day.

So now you’re ready for a fun day of crabbing but be warned it’s quite addictive.

And just to let you in on a little secret The Mill pool in Looe is my favorite place to go crabbing. The mill pool is in the main Mill pool car park and is always full of water, which means you can catch crabs all day and you’re not relying on the tide. Sit on the walkway steps by the park there