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Is wedding insurance worth it? Do I need to insure my wedding?

We get asked this question all the time and we totally get it, you’re planning your wedding and you are full of positive vibes and the last thing you want to think about is the list of things that can go wrong. Of course mostly nothing does go wrong but very occasionally something unthinkable does happen and if it does you will be very glad that you don’t have to carry the financial loss as well as dealing with everything else! Wedding insurance is relatively inexpensive and will probably be a small percentage of your overall wedding spend.

In our 13 plus years of experience, we have learned that sometimes our couples need insurance and when it is needed  you will be very glad you have it. Remember that insurance will cover anything you spend money on for your wedding including all of your suppliers, goods and services.

Every policy is different but there are some common elements that are typically covered or not covered. Please research available policies thoroughly and read the small print!

What Does Wedding Insurance in the UK Typically Cover?

  • Supplier Issues: If one of your suppliers pulls out or goes out of business, insurance can cover the costs to find a replacement plus the loss of any deposits paid.
  • Illness or Death: Coverage for key people (including the couple) who cannot attend due to illness or death within a specified period.
  • Jury Duty: You will be covered if you have to postpone due to jury duty
  • Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Items: This includes your cake, dresses, suits, rings, etc. Ensure your rings are added to your home insurance policy after the wedding.
  • Non-delivery of Photos: Some policies cover the cost of a reshoot if your photographer fails to deliver.
  • Redundancy: If you or your partner lose your job and can no longer afford the wedding then you will be covered for cancellation.
  • Extreme Weather: Covers extreme weather conditions that prevent guests from attending. This does not apply to a just a little rain (this is lucky anyway!.

What Wedding Insurance Typically Does Not Cover

  • Affordability Issues: Changes in your financial situation (not related to redundancy).
  • Pregnancy: Postponement or cancellation due to pregnancy unless there are medical complications.
  • Change of Heart: Deciding not to get married (in insurance speak this is referred to as “disinclination to marry”.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Illness or death of a key person due to a pre-existing condition.
  • Honeymoon: Separate travel insurance is usually needed for your honeymoon.
  • Pandemics: Covid-19 and other pandemics are likely excluded or require additional coverage.

FAQs About Wedding Insurance

Is wedding insurance available Post-Covid?: Most insurers have resumed offering wedding policies post-pandemic.

I’m in the military what happens if I’m deployed?: Being located close to Plymouth this is a question we get asked a lot and there are specialist policies available to cover wedding cancellations due to military deployment.

Do I need to add Public Liability Insurance (PLI): When you buy your wedding insurance the provided may ask you if you want to add Public Liability Insurance (PLI). At The Green we are a full service venue and therefore have our own public liability insurance so you do not have to add this. If you were having a dry hire type of wedding where the venue did not have this in place then you would need to add this.

Do my wedding suppliers need PLI? All of your other wedding suppliers will need to have PLI in place. If a vendor tells you that they don’t think they require PLI then you should see this as a red flag and book someone who understands that they need this.

If I pay for my wedding with my credit card won’t I be covered? Check with your credit card provider for specific coverage details. Wedding insurance offers more comprehensive protection.

Is my wedding covered on my Home Insurance?: Some home insurance policies may cover certain aspects of your wedding, but a specialist policy will provide broader coverage.

When should I purchase Wedding Insurance?: Ideally, purchase wedding insurance as soon as you start making payments. Policies can be bought up to 30 months in advance.

How much does Wedding Insurance cost?: Typically, you can get wedding insurance from as little as £50 through to £500. The more you are spending on your wedding them the more you should expect pay for insurance. Exceptions cover can be more. 

Will my Wedding Insurance cover family contributions: Typically, wedding insurance covers payments made by parents and other family members, but always verify the policy details.

What is the best wedding insurance? This depends very much on your specific requirements but there are some comparison sites out there which should help you decide.Is Wedding Insurance Worth It? It is a big fat YES from us. Given the relatively low cost compared to the potential financial loss from unforeseen events, wedding insurance can provide significant peace of mind. While you hope everything goes smoothly, having insurance ensures that you are financially protected if things don’t go as planned. This can make the cost of the insurance a small price to pay for security on your special day.


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