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Booking a registrar for your Cornwall wedding while living elsewhere in England is simple but there are some things to be aware of!

  1. English marriage laws apply Registrars from the local register office officiate civil ceremonies in Cornwall (and the rest of England) this is different to some other parts of the UK where a  broader range of individuals can perform ceremonies, including registrars, religious representatives, and Humanist celebrants. You can have a different type of celebrant but you will still have to have a civil ceremony to be legally married, this can be a simple and inexpensive registry office wedding.
  2. Book Your Wedding With The Green: Decide on your date and best estimate number of guests. The guest numbers can be fine tuned at a later date
  3. Contact the Cornwall Registration Service: Once you’ve booked with us, it’s time to reach out to the Cornwall Registration Service to check registrar availability. You can do this via phone or email, providing details such as your wedding date, venue location, and preferred ceremony time. The Cornwall Registration Service will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Give Notice of Marriage: As with any wedding in England, you and your partner must give notice of your intent to marry at least 29 days before the ceremony but no more than a year in advance. If you live outside Cornwall, you can give notice at your local register office. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to complete this essential step in the wedding planning process.
  5. Finalise Ceremony Details: In the weeks leading up to your wedding, finalize ceremony details with your registrar. This includes selecting readings, music, and any personal touches you wish to incorporate into your ceremony. Ensure that all legal requirements are met and that any necessary documentation is submitted to the registrar in a timely manner.


An outdoor wedding ceremony at the Green Cornwall