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Our cottages are assessed every year by Visit Britain and we are proud to maintain our Five Star Gold rating. This is the highest rating possible for self catering accommodation. The annual assessment really keeps us focused on maintaining our very high standards of maintenance and facilities. Over and above this though we like to continually improve the experience that our guests have at The Green. To help us achieve this we always leave feedback forms in all out cottages. We really appreciate it when our guests complete these forms and often they do! Twice a year we review our feedback forms and group your comments together to see if there are things that our guests feel they particularly like and also to help us identify things that we can improve. So, if one person finds a mattress a little soft but another guests finds it a bit firm then we assume that the mattress is probably about as perfect as we can get get it. But if we get similar comments from lots of guests then we make sure we address these issues. So this year we noticed that a number of guests had asked for extra bathroom storage so in response to this we have added additional storage to all our bathrooms and hooks on the back of all out bathroom doors. The things that guests like best about The Green is the peace and quiet and our Team! Blog post about our Team to follow!