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[text_output]Twice in 2 days we were asked the same question by 2 different couples so we thought we had better find out the answer. Each couple wanted to know if a friend or relative who was a registrar could marry them in Cornwall even if they were based in and worked out of a registry office in a different part of the county. In short the answer in YES! With a one caveat…..

They can only officiate (say the words) and do not take the role of the registrar (writing register & certificates).

To make it happen this is what the couple have to do is put the request in writing to the Ceremonies & Certificates booking team in Truro with the following information:

  • Name of Couple getting married
  • Date / time / Venue
  • Name of the Person whom they would like to officiate
  • Which Council / area they work for e.g Devon, Wiltshire council etc.

The registration service in Truro will then undertake the remainder of the requirement and contact the necessary people concerned. Even when a visiting Officiating Officer attends your wedding you will still get 2 local officers attending on the day if they are from “out of county” as they need to ensure the following:

  • The visiting Officer is actually present and capable to officiate.
  • The correct script is used
  • Everything is undertaken in accordance with Cornwall Council’s requirements for undertaking a ceremony within the county.

I hope some of you find this useful![/text_output]

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