A couple exchanging vows under the Oak Arbour. The arbour is a wooden structure with four corner posts supporting a pitched roof. The arbour has a large Oak Tree on either side. The trees are in full leaf. This photo is taken from a bit of a distance with most of the Oak Trees in the frame. The couple are under the arbour with the registrar standing between them and there is a clothed table (white) also under the arbour. The arbour is decorated with a voile banner in cream with stars on it. The couple are in the middle of the shot towards the bottom of the frame and are small compared to the canopy of the trees. They are facing each other with the registrar between them. The groom is on the right, the bride on the left. It is a summer's day. The bride is wearing a white, full length, dress in ivory with capped sleeves. She has dark blond hair she is wearing down. The groom is wearing a brown suit. You can see their guests sitting in front of the arbour. You can only see the back of the guests heads as they are looking towards the arbour and have their backs to the camera.