In Weddings

For once I ended up being a guest at a wedding last weekend and what a treat it was.  My ‘normal’ Saturday this time of year would evolve being at work and making sure that everything is running smoothly for a couple’s big day.  Making sure the registers know where to find the nervous groom and excited bride, to guiding guests to seats and making sure that the caters know when the ‘I dos’ have taken place.
But this weekend was a different story, I could start the day with a bacon sandwich, well you know it could be a while before you eat again and there may not be time to grab something just before you leave the house.  I had a friend come over and put my hair up, it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes and as I haven’t been to a wedding in a while why not.  Then before we knew it we were rushing to get out the door, luckily I had that bacon sandwich!!!!

The sun was shining and we were off to the church, then the reception and the drink started flowing and the canapés started to make the rounds.  Photos where being taken, some were undecided on whether they should be in the extended family one or just the friends shots, but in the end I think everyone had there photo taken at least once.

For once I enjoyed being told what was happening and when to take our seats, which I made sure I did quite promptly as it’s always a struggle sometimes to get everyone to sit down.  Rather than worrying that guests weren’t sitting down on time and that if the speeches are before everyone eats will they go overtime and the chef starts to worry about the food.  The day turned into the evening and more guest arrived and the band started.  It was a beautiful day with a very happy couple which I felt privileged to be part of.

So this year is a busy year for me, as it seems if I’m not working at a wedding then at the moment I will be taking the day off to attend a wedding, it feels a little bit like a buses, I haven’t been to one for ages then 2 come along at once and I get to do it all again this weekend with the added stress of by partner being the best man…