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Alternative to confetti

Confetti is an age old tradition which dates back to Roman times and was originally grains from the land which they owned, it has evolved since then from rice to paper confetti or natural flower petals. Like many other venues we want The Green to be immaculate for all our guests and unfortunately all types of confetti leave a residue. However, there are some lovely alternatives.

If you are looking to break tradition or just fancy something a little different and want to add a splash of colour or fun to your wedding and your photos, then maybe you could consider some of the fun options below:

A really fun option is bubbles. They look amazing for photos and your guests will love them, it turns everyone into a big kid!

Ribbon Sticks are a fabulous way of adding colour to your photos and still giving your guests something to hold and be involved in greeting you down the aisle after your ceremony. You can use a whole range of colours and materials and you could even add a message onto your ribbons if you wanted to personalise it.

Pom poms are a lovely idea. The snow pom poms in the pictures were made by the bride’s grandma and she meticulously weighed each one to make sure they were exactly the same size. You could have any colour pom poms and various sizes. They look great in your pictures and can be collected up afterwards.

Paper aeroplanes – what more can we say?

You don’t have to get married in a church to have the bells ring out after your ceremony. A really sweet alternative is bells, teeny, tiny, tinkling bells. You could attach bunches of them together with ribbon or you could just have a singular bell for each guest. You could even attach a bell to ribbon sticks!

There are many ways for your guests to be involved whilst creating a fantastic picture, get creative!


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