The Green team


Sarah – Planning

Likes: Anything to do with Christmas!
Dislikes: Being in confined spaces.
Distinguishing feature: My smile.
Special talent: Bargain hunting and booking holidays.
No one knows that I: Have met Take That a few times…… Oh ok, maybe you do!!!!


Amber – Operations Manager

Likes: Banana Sandwiches, Countryside, Farming
Dislikes: Cotton Wool, Seagulls
Distinguishing feature: My Oversized blue eyes 
Special talent: I can calve a cow & flip sheep (don’t let the makeup deceive you)
No one knows that I: can fly a small plane, very small! 

This is a head shot of Moira our sales and marketing manager. Moira is wearing a purple top. She has a silver chain around her neck and large silve, hooped earrings. She has short, dark, curly hair. In the background you can see grass and trees. She is smiling.

Moira – Sales and Marketing

Likes: Rowing, the paddling type not the shouty type.
Dislikes: Cold callers.
Distinguishing feature: My very big hair – a blessing in the 80s.
Special talent: I can do the cherry stalk thing from Twin Peaks.
No one knows that I: Have lived in 8 countries (9 including Cornwall)


Julie L – Sales 

Likes: France, Cadbury chocolate and going out for coffee and cake
Dislikes: Heights, celery, Marmite and spiders
Distinguishing feature: My duck-egg-blue Mini Cooper!
Special talent: Baking and cake decoration
No one knows that I: Received an award from Cadbury in a national essay competion. I wonder if it was about chocolate….?

This is a head-shot of Julie our housekeeper. It is taken outdoors and you can see lawn and trees in the background. Julie is wearing a purple top. She has short dark hair. She has two earrings in her right ear and is wearing a silver chain round her neck. She is smiling.

Julie – Housekeeping

Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Rudeness
Distinguishing feature: I have 2 earrings in each ear.
Special talent: Making tea and sewing.
No one knows that I: I’m a crazy cat lady

This is a head and shoulders shot of Mike. Mike is our operations manager. The photo is taken outdoors and you can see grass and trees in the background. Mike is wearing a gray jumper over a black T-shirt. He is facing the camera and smiling. He has very short light brown hair.

Mike – Operations

Likes: Cakes
Dislikes: Wind and rain
Distinguishing feature: Taller than average
Special talent: Changing light bulbs. The tall thing is useful.
No one knows that I: Have delivered a baby

This is a head and shoulders shot of Mike. Mike works behind our bar and also looks after maintenance. He is wearing a blue polo shirt. The photo is taken outside in front of some trees. Make has gray hair and is smiling.

Mike “Magic” Roberts – Maintenance & Bar

Likes: Crossfit and cake in equal measures
Dislikes: Spiders
Distinguishing feature: Folically challenged
Special talent: They don’t call me Magic Mike for no reason
No one knows that I: Have a degree in music

This is a picture of Jiggs our office dog. He is sitting on the grass and the picture is taken of him from above. He is looking upwards to the right. His left ear is sticking up and the other one is flopping down. He is wearing a blue collar. He is a small white, rough-coated Jack Russell terrier.

Jiggs – Back office

Likes: Rabbits
Dislikes: Being inside
Distinguishing feature: I look like Snowy from Tin Tin
Special talent: Stealing pasties
No one knows that I: Am here…. (we hope)