Marry In Green

The Green is a wholly private and endlessly pretty place to get married. Secluded in the stunning Cornish countryside with breathtaking views in all directions this collection of barns offers the perfect setting year round for your wedding. With tons of indoor and outdoor space our ethos is one of flexibility. You and your guests will be accommodated in our 5 star accommodation and our team will take care of you every step of the way.

This photo shows the "you may kiss the bride" moment of a ceremony held in the wedding barn. In the foreground you can see the bride and groom having a kiss. The guests are seated behind the couple in two columns of rows of chairs. The wedding barn has an oak floor and the walls and ceiling are painted white. There is a vaulted ceiling with a sets of old, oak, a-frame beams supporting the roof. You can see 10 sets of the beams in the image. There are fairy lights garlanding the beams and there is bunting on the beams too. the guests are seated and are looking at the bride and groom and clapping. The groom is wearing a dark jacket and has light brown hair and a beard. The bride is wearing a lace, sleeveless dress and has blond hair worn loose. She is wearing a veil.

Exclusive Hire

From 21 to 140 guests

The Green is exclusively yours for a couple of days for a celebration you will cherish forever.
Have the whole of the Green for you and your guests for a weekend or midweek hire. Relaxed and original or traditional and formal: The Green can be whatever you want for your wedding. We will support you every step of the way. Our All Inclusive wedding covers everything you need including luxury accommodation, choice of ceremony locations, delicious food and entertainment for the evening.

This is a picture of a bride and groom beside the farmhouse. The bride and groom are in the distance in the middle of the photo. The bottom half of the image is lawn. On the left there are some camellia bushes in the foreground. In the background there are some trees without any leaves. The farmhouse takes up the top, right hand quadrant of the image. Only part of the framhouse is in the shot. The farmhouse is rendered and painted white. It has a gray slate roof. The windows are georgian style sash windows and are painted white. There are two windows on the first floor and a French door on the ground floor. There is a porch with two sets of Georgian windows and a pitched slate roof. On the right hand side of the porch there is a black half-glazed door. There is a slight rise up towards the house and there is a small set of three steps on the left and a small step for three steps on the right of this ridge. The bride and groom are standing at the top of the steps on the left hand side of the house. The bride is wearing a white full gown with long sleeves. The groom is wearing a dark suit. There are some camellia petals on the lawn from the bushes indicating that the picture is taken in early spring.

House Wedding

From 7 to 20 guests

Our stunning 5 star, seven-bedroom farm house is set in its own grounds with views over the Tors of Bodmin Moor. Up to 20 of you can join together for a 2 night wedding celebration. The House and is licensed for weddings or you can have your ceremony in our Wedding Barn or at the Lake Arbour. Our chefs can prepare your celebration meal for you to enjoy in the dining room.

This is a photo of a groom carrying his bride over the threshold into cottage number 1. The groom is on the left, side on to the camera and the bride is on the right seated in the grrom's arms facing the camera. The groom has dar hair and is wearing dark trousers, a brown tweed waistcoat and a white shirt. He has a beard and is weraing green wellies. The brode is wearing a short-sleeved, full length white dress. She has light brown hair that she is wearing loose and her feet are bare. Cottage number one sleeps two people. The proerty is single storey. The photo shows part of the width of the cottage. In the background you can see trees which are bare. The cottage is made of granite stone and is brown and grey in colour. The roof is constructed of grey slate and is pitched with the roof line running from left to right of the photograph along the length of the cottage. The door is in the middle of the cottage and is painted pale green and is open. On either side of the door you can see a window. They are 4 pane casement style windows and are also painted pale green. On the left hand side of the door you can seee a 4 spoke welly rack painted pale green.

Cottage Wedding

From 3 to 6 guests

The 3 night intimate wedding at The Green gives you time to explore the grounds and relax in the cottage the day before, have a stress free and truly personal and intimate ceremony in the Wedding Barn or by the Lake Arbour followed by the option of a chef service to cook you your special celebratory evening meal.

This photo is taken at the lake arbour. The Lake Arbour is in the middle of the photograph. There is a couple standing under the Lake Arbour. The Lake Arbour fills around half the shot horizontally and half the shot vertically. The Lake Arbour is a four posted wooden structure supporting a slate roof which is gray. The structure is made of oak. The whole of the ground around the area is lawn. Surrounding the structure there are many trees all around. The trees are in full leaf. There are climbing shrubs around each of the four posts of the arbour. The couple are standing with the bride on the left and the groom on the right. The groom is slightly facing the camera but also slightly to his right towards his bride. The bride is side on to the camera facing her groom. She holds a bouquet of white flowers and green foliage in her right hand. The bride is wearing a strapless, full length, a-line dress. She has dark hair which she is wearing loose. The groom is wearing grey trousers, brown brogues a dark jacket and a pink shirt. He has dark hair.


Just the 2 of you

Run away to The Green for a romantic, personal and stress free wedding. Stay in one of our luxury contemporary styled barns for 2 nights and get married in your cottage or in our amazing wooden beamed barn or at the wedding arbor by the lakeside. It’s up to you. After your ceremony our chef will cook a special celebratory evening meal.