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[text_output]Looe is a small seaside town located 25minutes away from The Green and with a beach, river, shops, plenty of parking and coastal walks, it has a lot to offer for a day out.

If you’ve ever been to Looe before, you may have seen the majestic looking island which stares back at you. At certain times of the year the tide allows you to walk to it but the majority of the time it is only accessible by boat.

The island was once owned by the Atkins sisters but now belongs to The Cornwall Wildlife Trust. On May 17th they will be hosting an island walk day where you are able to visit the island by boat and have a guided tour and find out the history of the island, not to mention the wildlife which inhabit the jagged cliffs at the back of the island including grey seals and great-backed gulls. The trip lasts 3.5 hours and costs £25. Please find out more at

The island is a truly magical place, well worth exploring and once you get back to the mainland you can stop off in Looe for a Cornish cream tea in Daisy’s café (a hidden treasure of a café) and then back to the cottages at The Green for a rest! Perfect![/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”]

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