Cottage Wedding
(3 to 6 guests)

Small and perfect for 3 to 6 of you

A wedding that’s intimately yours, in a truly romantic setting

Escape to The Green for a romantic, personal and stress free wedding. The Green, a private estate hidden away in a stunning part of Cornwall, on the edge of the rugged and romantic Bodmin Moor. Make it your hideaway, for your wedding. A cottage wedding is perfect for 3 to 6 people for a truly special time. Stay in one of our luxury contemporary styled barns and get married in our amazing wooden beamed barn or at the wedding arbor by the lakeside.

The 2 night intimate wedding at The Green gives you time to explore the grounds and relax in the cottage the day before, have a stress free and truly personal and intimate ceremony followed by the option of a chef service to cook you your special celebratory evening meal.

Come to The Green, relax and have the intimate and romantic wedding that you will remember forever.

Enjoy 2 nights in our 5 star accommodation which includes a bottle of champagne and truffles, a welcome pack in your cottage, and a hamper for your breakfast the following morning. On the big day a chef will come to your cottage to cook a delicious celebratory 3 course meal chosen from our chef service menu. We can cater for all dietary requirements.

Your cottage is licensed as your ceremony location or you can have your ceremony out doors at the lake Arbour or in our beautiful, rustic wedding barn. We will happily act as your witnesses if you need us to.

Our Cottage Wedding package consists of a two night stay, arrival treats, the Cottage, Barn or Lake Arbour for your ceremony location, chef service, breakfast hamper and witnesses.

You would book the registrar yourselves, their fees are around £350.

This is the double bedroom in cottage three which is a sleeps four cottage. The room has oak flooring. The wall behind the bed is painted pale green. There is a sloping ceiling with some old oak beams. There are spotlights in the ceiling and the ceiling is painted white. The door to the bedroom is open and through that open door you can see a single bed in another bedroom. The wall to the right of the photograph is exposed stone and there is a cupboard door in this wall. The cupboard door is painted white. There are two prints of dahlias which are lime green on the wall opposite to where the photograph has been taken from. Next to the bed there are glass bedside tables with bedside lamps with stainless steel posts and lime green shades. There is a king-size oak framed bed with white duvet cover and 4 pillows in white pillowcases. There are two lime green scatter cushions and a lime green throw along the end of the bed. There are some white towels folded on the bed. There is one step out up when exiting this room.

All accommodation

This image is taken from the back of The Green and shows views over Bodmin Moor. This is landscape view. The sky takes up about 2/3 of the shot. The sky is overcast with patches of blue. There is a tree in the foreground on the right hand side and this partially in leaf. This photograph was taken in springtime. On the horizon you can see Caradon Hill rising up to the left. You can also see Sharp Tor which is a shrp pointed hill.. In foreground of the picture there is a driveway running horizontally. Ths driveway is edged with granite boulders. Between the driveway and the fields beyond there is a cornish hedge.


A couple exchanging vows under the Oak Arbour. The arbour is a wooden structure with four corner posts supporting a pitched roof. The arbour has a large Oak Tree on each side. The trees are in full leaf. This photo is taken from a bit of a distance and the whole of the Oak Trees are in the frame. The couple are under the arbour with the registrar and there is a clothed table (white) also under the arbour. The arbour is decorated with a garland of greenery. The couple are in the middle of the shot but are small compared to the canopy of the trees. They are holding hands and facing each other. The groom is on the right, the bride on the left. It is a summers day and the trees are in full leaf and the grass is a little parched. The bride is wearing a white, full length, sleeveless dress. She has dark hair she is wearing down. The groom is wearing a gray morning suit. The couple are holding hands and looking at each other. You can see there guests sitting in front of the arbour in two columns of rows of seats.. The guests are looking at the couple towards the arbour and have their backs to the camera. There is a row of haybales the back of the rows of chairs. You can seee the registrar standing by a clothed table under the arbour with the couple.

Lake Arbour

What is included

Our Cottage Wedding package consists of a three night stay, arrival treats, the cottage, barn or lake arbour for your ceremony location, chef service, breakfast hamper and witnesses.

Price guide

Prices start from £2000

Other things you might like to consider:

A photographer to capture the special moments before and after the ceremony £299
We can recommend a florist for your day.
You can extend your stay for extra nights subject to availability.