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[image src=”16203″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]Those of you who are visiting Cornwall this summer will be hearing a lot about the Man Engine. This is a project that brings together engineering and the arts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cornwall Mining areas being added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Man Engine is quite a site to behold! It is the largest mechanical puppet ever to have been built in the UK and will travel 130 miles through Devon and Cornwall over the summer. It is as tall as 3 double decker buses and weighs 40 tonnes.

Children throughout the region have been involved in the project as part of their learning.

A world Heritage Site is “a natural or man-made site, area, or structure recognized as being of outstanding international importance and therefore as deserving special protection. Sites are nominated to and designated by the World Heritage Convention (an organization of UNESCO)”

Here at The Green we are right on the edge within walking distance of the Cardadon Mining District world heritage site. The area is characterised by the iconic engine houses and traces of railways and roadways.

The Man Engine is visiting Minions and Liskeard today but please check out the website for other opportunities to see him

Image from the Guardian[/text_output]

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