Last update: 29/9/2020

Covid Planning

Well the Covid crisis has certainly been a shock for us all! We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride since March 2020 and we know you have been too. We hope that all of you and your families are safe and coping well.

No-one knows how this crisis will play out in the long term. Will it fade away? Will it continue to come at us in waves? Will we be living with it for quite some time?

As a highly experienced and responsible venue we are planning and investing in measures that assume we may cycle in and out of periods of disruption due to Covid and we wanted to share these plans with you.

When have we been doing?

Our team has been really busy over the last few months. We’ve been re-scheduling weddings, planning future weddings, improving our venue and keeping up with the everyday maintenance so that when your wedding day arrives you find this place as perfect as it was when you booked your wedding.

Most importantly we are keeping ourselves up to date and informed on all the important safety considerations that will be required going forward to keep all of our staff and customers safe.

We have been planning for the future so that we can host awesome weddings that comply with guidance and give everyone peace of mind.

Current Government Advice

We are currently limited to weddings for 15 people and operating under the Tiering system with an anticipated return to normal by Easter 2021.

The latest government guidance for weddings can be found here:

When is further guidance due?

Wedding venues have been identified as a distinct business sector with unique abilities to implement track and trace. Our venue is uniquely placed to take advantage of rapid testing kits when these become commercially available.

In addition to further wedding specific guidance, any change to current rules on the size of gatherings will also impact on the ability of larger weddings going ahead.

Government Guidance no longer applies for a specific length of time and can be reviewed at any time. The government is working with stakeholders in the wedding industry.


What does this mean?

This means that we carry on with our Intimate Weddings but larger weddings are only possible under current guidelines. 

We know that the latest government announcement reducing the amount of guests permitted at weddings will be affecting many people. Please be assured we are working on the best way to support all of our couples through this challenging time. We are working on a range of options to offer couples whose weddings are affected.

As per the current government advice we expect to be back to normal by April however please be reassured that if necessary we will continue to be flexible in our approach.


Preparing for the future

We want to be in the best possible position to comply with any guidance that may apply to weddings at any point in the future to make sure that weddings are special occasions that are also safe for everyone involved.

As a large venue with tons of indoor and outdoor space with dedicated function rooms for ceremony, meal and drinks we are in a great position to offer safe and stunning weddings going forward. All of our plans assume that, regardless of the season, it could rain and that we can do everything indoors if required. 

Our plans also allow us to host weddings for our maximum guest numbers and we are only limited by restrictions on guest numbers due to government guidance.

Here are some of things we already have in place ad we’ll be updating this page constantly as guidance changes and we get input from you.


Our Marquee

To ensure that we have enough socially distanced dining space for our largest weddings we have purchased a 10m x 30m marquee. This marquee is situated on the old tennis court to the left of the house and has views over fields and Bodmin Moor. The marquee has mostly clear span walls, it is lined,  has permanent flooring, heating and lighting. This additional space is included free of charge for all of our Exclusive Use weddings up to March 2021 (dates will be reviewed depending on how the Covid situation develops).


Live Streaming 

We have invested in our wifi network and livestreaming technology so that you can stream your ceremony remotely to any of your guests who cannot be at your wedding in person.  Your ceremony can also be streamed onto screens in the Red Brick Barn and The Green Room. This gives you even more flexibility with how you use the space and even allows you to create a separate space for guests who do not want to mix with a larger group. This service will be free of charge for our up to March 2021 weddings. (This timeframe will be extended if necessary due to Covid impact).

Contactless Bar

You can now download our drinks ordering app and order and pay for drinks to be delivered to you. This avoids queues at the bar keeping the drinks flowing safely. 


Street Style Evening Food

Buffet-style self-service food is giving way to individually plated dishes and snacks. We normally serve our evening food as a buffet but instead will be serving our evening food “street style” from out of our vintage horse box

Free of charge for weddings up to March 2021 and extended if required.

Hand Hygiene

We all know it by now!

In addition to the 30 sinks and basins that we have for hand washing we have installed a further 15 hand sanitiser stations throughout our facilities to keep you safe and relaxed.

Complete Flexibility for Ceremony Location:


  • Wedding Barn
  • Red Brick Barn
  • Really Rustic Barn
  • Green Room
  • Marquee (see Anywhere Ceremony, below)


  • Lawn Arbour
  • Lake Arbour

Step-in Step-out (held outside but couple step inside for legal words)

  • Red Brick Patio
  • Area in front of Really Rustic Barn
  • Area in front of Green Room

Anywhere Ceremony (couple and witnesses go to licensed area before or after for legal words)

  • Anywhere in the grounds
  • Marquee
  • Courtyard


Additional rooms:

Our 5 new bedrooms are now completed and can be substituted for cottages where required to give more flexibility if guests don’t want to share facilities.

Keep In Touch

The easiest way to reach us at the moment is by email but if you prefer a conversation then let us know and we can arrange to call you. We will keep this page up to date with everything we are doing.


If you have any feedback or questions then please let us know