The Green Team

Kate – Events

Likes: Cornwall in the sunshine, Chocolate, Crisps, Chips, Cake…did I mention I like Food?

Dislikes: The rain and subsequently my frizzy hair

Distinguishing feature: Like Moira my big curly hair!

Special talent: My organisational skills that would challenge most world leaders! Honest.

No one knows that I: Am a bit of a Excel geek!

Moira – Sales

Likes: Rowing, the paddling type not the shouty type.

Dislikes: Cold callers.

Distinguishing feature: My very big hair – a blessing in the 80s.

Special talent: I can do the cherry stalk thing from Twin Peaks.

No one knows that I: Have lived in 8 countries (9 including Cornwall)

Michelle – Events

Likes: Pyjamas

Dislikes: Cabbage

Distinguishing feature: My eyes

Special talent: My operatic singing voice.

No one knows that I: I secretly want to be Beyonce

Fiona – Sales and Events

Likes: The smell of freshly mown grass and a good Sunday Roast

Dislikes: Celery, coathangers and feeling cold

Distinguishing feature: Two white feet and one white hand – it’s called a golfer’s tan!

Special talent: I can do shorthand

No one knows that I: Once had Rod Stewart sit on my sofa

Julie – Housekeeping

Likes: Animals

Dislikes: Rudeness

Distinguishing feature: I have 2 earrings in each ear.

Special talent: Making tea and sewing.

No one knows that I: I’m a crazy cat lady

Mike – Operations

Likes: Morwenna’s fabulous cup cakes

Dislikes: Wind and rain

Distinguishing feature: Taller than average

Special talent: Changing light bulbs. The tall thing is useful.

No one knows that I: Have delivered a baby

Jiggs – Back office

Likes: Rabbits

Dislikes: Being inside

Distinguishing feature: I look like Snowy from Tin Tin

Special talent:  Stealing pasties

No one knows that I: Am here…. (we hope)